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Want to swim under the waterfall?

boat tour krka from split

Not just any small torrent with some droplets splashing around.

Think BIG!

Think a majestic – full scale, major waterfall with the rumbling sound, huge quantities of fresh water, falling from way up high!

Even BETTER! Imagine this:

  • a Hollywood blockbuster movie lagoon
  • 800 meters wide, 400 meters high
  • BIG, impressive, awe inspiring waterfall made of
  • Several waterfall cascades!

Don’t let the size and the awe inspiring promise full you – the mesmerizing waterfall we’re describing is tame and beautiful.

Something even better than Hollywood blockbuster scenes with Leo DiCaprio in khakis.

Something like this – take A GOOD LOOK at the photo and READ ON!

Tour from split Krka waterfalls

Even more so – this majestic nature oasis is considered one of the MOST BEAUTIFUL WATERFALLS IN THE WORLD!
Water is so pure you can drink it! (we’re not advising you drink it – just making a point here!)

In fact – this particular waterfall is a part of the protected National park of nature.

Think pristine nature.

Think fresh water, lush vegetation, clear air, birds chirping and more!

But – swimming?
Can you really?

Swim in the protected park of nature?
The answer is YES!

Right in the middle of it – right beneath the majestic waterfall, with rumbling sound in your ears, droplets spreading freshness everywhere – The Whole Shabang!

OK – so now you’re interested.

You might wonder – where is this amazing water world full of swimming-under-the-waterfalls-potential?

Have you ever heard of Croatia?


Let’s do some intro first.
Heard of Europe? (that was a rhetorical question, of course you’ve heard of it. Maybe you’re from the continent for all we know.)
Let’s pinpoint it a bit.

Go south!
Waaay south!

The place with sunshine 24/7, olive oil, beautiful girls and great food.
That’s where Croatia is!

You’ve probably seen it already! At least parts of it on Game of Thrones.

OK, Ok – Danny wasn’t in Kings Landing a lot, but the rest of the cast has.
Game of Thrones was filmed in Croatia. Kings Landing and the Iron throne is right there. Now take a look at Cersei walking up stairs in Croatian town of Dubrovnik – think Kings Landing.

But where is the WATERFALL?   

The waterfall is oh so close!

The majestic water world we promised you can swim in is in Krka national park.

Krka waterfalls is one of the last beautiful hidden gems of nature you can find in Europe.

How to get there?

The best way to reach Krka is from the ancient and beautiful town of Split!

Yup – Split is in Croatia. Famous for the beautiful coast locals call ‘’riva’’ and the world famous palace of the Roman emperor Diocletian.

You may have heard of the saying All roads lead to Rome, well, we’re gonna paraphrase it a bit:
All of the virtual roads on this page lead to The swim of your life!

OK, OK, we paraphrased it a lot. So what?
It’s YOUR way to the Krka WATERFALLS that matters!

Think Croatia! Think Split! Think – the swim of your life at Krka Waterfalls!
Now – let’s get down to business!
Find all of the fantastic adventures that take you to the swim under the Waterfalls at Krka HERE.

But we’re not done just yet! J
Let’s see where is the starting point of your Waterfall adventure!
Marvel Split! The ancient town of Mediterranean beauty!

Seems like a dream come true, right? Wait till you get to the Waterfalls!
Before we get into details about the amazing Krka Waterfalls tours from Split, you’re probably wondering:

Who else has been there?
Does Bill Gates sound familiar?

Speaking of happy user reviews – one of the most influential people on the planet – Microsoft founder Bill Gates said that Krka Waterfalls are:
„The ideal place for summer holidays˝

The swim of a lifetime can be the perfect place for all of you tired from working hard and/or partying harder.
But, where exactly was Bill Gates?
Ta-daaam! (fanfare sounds building up)

The Magic place called ‘’Skradinski buk’’!
‘’Skradinski buk’’ is the name of the biggest and the most iconic waterfall at the very heart of Krka Waterfalls national park.
You guessed right!

The place you’re about to swim! 

So let’s see it!

Krka waterfalls tour from Split

Swimming under the waterfalls at the peak of the season!

Not a bad thing to do on your holiday, right?   

So, how does it work?

Easy Peasy!

  • Step 1: Our amazing guides wait for you in Split, Croatia
  • Step 2: You enjoy a comfortable scenery drive to Krka waterfalls (some 90ish minutes) 

Whoops, we forgot one little thing!

First – click here and choose the adventure you like!

And hurry!

Croatia protected the pristine nature habitat by limiting the number of visitors per year!!

Early bird gets to swim under the waterfalls!

You can enjoy Krka Waterfalls and the swim of your life for as little as 20 Euros per person at the special discounted price available here for a limited time only!

Or embark on a true Mediterranean adventure discovering hidden places, vast cultural treasures and pristine nature, choosing one of these tours! 

P.S. We forgot to mention – there is much more to the amazing Krka Waterfalls than just the Swim of your life.

Life is short!

Swimming under the waterfall is priceless!

Start your adventure now!