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Want to visit Krka NP by Boat ? You can finally do that with us!

boat tour krka

After many years and over 50 thousand guests taken to Krka, from this season 2021 we offer a unique trip – A Boat Tour to Krka!

Our new Offer!

Want to visit Krka NP by Boat ? You can finally do that with us!

A boat tour to the Krka National Park is something that has been talked about for a long time. Tourists search from year to year, but somehow this kind of Tour has never been in touristic agency’s offer. Why? Most likely the reason is that such a trip is not easy to organize.

Still, we succeeded. After many years and over 50 thousand guests taken to Krka, from this season 2021 we offer a unique trip – A Boat Tour to Krka! Starts by bus and continues by boat to the Krka National Park.

boat tour krka
Krka Waterfalls National Park

Waterfalls await you, as well as beautiful moments on a wooden authentic Dalmatian boat!

A boat tour to Krka offers everything you need


Yes, indeed. And this is not just a marketing scam. This tour includes transfer from Split to Šibenik, a Boat to Krka and back to Šibenik, discounted tickets, a guide, free time, and lunch and drinks! And let’s not forget – time to swim! You certainly didn’t count on that on The Boat tour to Krka.

What will your day look like?


After waking up on a beautiful sunny morning in Split, and breakfast at your accommodation or in some bistro, we leave Split by bus at 10 am. The bus drives on the highway less than an hour directly to Lozovac – one of the entrances to the national park.

boat tour krka from split

♥ Price 50€ includes ♥

Professional Guided Tour of Krka Waterfalls NP
 Discount on entry tickets
 Šibenik Sightseeing
 Free Time for Swimming
 MiniBus transfer from Split-Šibenik-Split

After a tour of the National Park, while you are in the park, you board a touristic boat. The boat is a typical Dalmatian, wooden excursion boat. The route you sail is known as the Skradin canal or the Canal of St. Anthony. By boat, you will also pass by the beautiful small town of Skradin, around the shores of which swans and gulls swim.

(photos source – 24sata.hr, slobodnadalmacija.hr, jutarnji.hr)


This is not unusual, because it is an area where salt and fresh water, river, and sea from the direction of Šibenik are easily mixed. It is in this direction that we sail for swimming and enjoying the clean beaches of Šibenik. On the boat, since you are a little tired in the park walk, you will be served a meal. The Mediterranean, of course!

boat tour to krka
A picturesque place located on the doorstep of the Krka National Park. This magical town is where the river flows into the Adriatic Sea. Skradin is a small coastal town with a combination of brightly colored and stone houses on its main street.
A ruined fort that stands out above them, testifies to the history of the city.
It is the oldest Croatian settlement with the status of a “city”. Its large hydroelectric power plant was the first in Europe,  1895. The beautiful nature and World Heritage sites such as Zadar, Šibenik, Trogir, and Split, which are located near Skradin, make it an ideal vacation spot.
Combining activities, nature, and culture. This time, unfortunately, we will not stop in Skradin, but if you return to these areas, be sure to visit them.

„Marenda“ on the boat tour to Krka–in English „Brunch“ or „Snack“

Prosciutto, cheese, wine, octopus, fish, domestic bread – an ideal snack as you sail the canal along with beautiful nature scenes.

The canal ride takes about an hour, maybe a little longer, and you also pass through well-known fish farms and shellfish farms. While enjoying your meal, a meal eaten by both a local fisherman and a Dalmatian family, you will soon reach the coast of Martinska. It is on the coast on the other side of Šibenik, where you will have free time for swimming. Summers are hot in Dalmatia, and after a meal and a glass of wine, is there anything better than jumping into the deep blue? Sure no. Let’s dive too!

boat tour
Our beauty

After enjoying swimming and refreshments, it’s time to return to the port of Sibenik. From the boat, you go directly to the bus that is already waiting for you and takes you back to Split.

This is an All-day Boat Tour to Krka from Split, and if you have always wanted to visit Krka NP and take a boat ride, look no further. This is a Boat Tour for You!


Explore the waterfalls, the river and the sea!