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Every day is an ideal day for Krka tour from Split!

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You are at last here, in Croatia, in Split  with your family or friends, or even better with all of them and you want to spend one day with them swimming, lying somewhere in the nature, near waterfalls, hearing the sounds of the countryside…

Have an idea? We have. Every day is an ideal day for Krka tour from Split. You will love it! It is unneeded to get up early  because Krka waterfalls from Split starts not till  10 am . You have just enough time to drink a coffee and have breakfast. During this tour to Krka national park you have four hours of free time for swimming and relaxing inside Park and also discount on entry tickets.

Since Krka National Park is a very interesting place not only for its historical and cultural significance but also of its very rich nature and landscape, we think that we should introduce you to at least the basic facts about this place.

15 little things you need to know about Krka waterfalls:
  • Krka National Park is the second popular national park of Croatia, after Plitvice Lakes, which are still the most visited National Park in Croatia. Krka attracts today more than 1 million tourists a year, making it a very busy national park.
  • You can actually swim in the lakes at Krka. And the temperature of the waterfalls is more than pleasant, especially when summer begins.
  • The area of National Park needed to be protected due to the diversity of the landscape and natural features.
  • Krka National Park is the seventh National Park in Croatia and was proclaimed a national park in 1985. It took more than a decade from the initiative of 1971 for this place to be declared a national park.
  • Named after Krka river that runs within the Park, situated in the middle of Šibenik – Knin County
  • Krka National Park extends 109 square kilometres in size
  • Some areas are connected by excursion boats, while other places in the Park can be reached with the car. Krka waterfalls have five entrances. The most used one is the entrances at Skradinski Buk and Roški Slap
  • The highest waterfall on Krka is Manojlovac, one of the most endearing natural beauties. The total hight of the waterfall is 59.6 meters. The most beautiful view of the waterfall is several hundred meters from the archaeological sites known as Burnum, on the road Knin – Kistanje.
  • The valley of waterfalls are so green because the soil has mainly marlstone substrate
  • The monastery of Saint Arhanđel, known also as Krka Monastery was first mentioned in 1402. The architecture is an interesting blend of Byzantine and Mediterranean elements
  • There is many watermills on the Krka National Park. The complex of the watermills is the most attractive ethnographic site of the Dalmatia.
  • The largest waterfall and water rich in Krka is Skradinski buk. The waterfall is 400 meters wide and the total height is about 46 meters.
  • The government has limited the visits of Krka to 10,000 visitors at the same time
  • „ The ideal place for summer holidays˝is Skradin, says Bill Gates
  • The fauna is abundant in the park: 18 species of fish and 222 species of birds, the structure of the bird communities make it among the ornithologically most valuable regions of Europe.

We know you will be thrilled with Krka tour from Split, that is why we suggest if you are staying longer in Split to go also on the Tour Krka Waterfalls & Trogir, Boat Tour to Krka Waterfalls, Šibenik, Skradin, Trogir & Blue Lagoon. Thanks to the geographic position, Split gives plenty of opportunities to start your day in the best way you can. To travel.