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5 souvenirs from Dalmatia that you must buy

5 souvenirs from Dalmatia
You can take a piece of Dalmatia home!

5 souvenirs from Dalmatia

Going home without a souvenir is simply not an option! A souvenir from the destination for your parents, partner, friend, or children is not only beautiful but is accompanied by special emotions and memories. Dalmatia is a Mediterranean destination, so the gift you take home should be something you can only find there. This list of 5 Dalmatian souvenirs, and should make your choice easier.

1. Food/drinks from Dalmatia

Well, this region is famous for good olive oil, prosciutto, and wines. And more. Local goat/cow cheese, young and old. All kinds of fish products – dried or marinated fish, mostly anchovies or sardines. Mackerel or sardine pate, and if you’re lucky, you’ll come across homemade tuna in oil. Don’t miss it. Taste it first and then buy it as a souvenir.

souvenirs from dalmatia
Dalmatian prosciutto is the best one!

 Seafood is present in Mediterranean cuisine, but rarely as well-known as Mali Ston oysters and mussels. Served immediately after being taken from the sea and seasoned only with lemon juice, they are popular with locals and tourists alike.

Local products are something you should definitely buy! locals products are the best souvenirs from Dalmatia. You may not be able to not open them after you buy them once, but then buy another one! Local liquor, like grape, lemon, cherry or carob grappa is always a good choice!

souvenir from dalmatia liquor
Domestic liquor of nuts

2. Chocolate Nadalina

Nadalina (factory and shop in Split) also makes its own handmade chocolate, and there is no more interesting place than Nadalina chocolate shop if you are looking for an unusual souvenir.

Nadalina has already been discovered en masse by the Japanese and makes some very unusual souvenirs, including a chocolate gramophone record that actually plays music!

After launching the chocolate gramophone in 2013, which you can eat as well as listen to, they received an entry in the Guinness Book of records in 2015 for the largest chocolate bar (102.45 square meters in size)! They presented it on Peristyle!


The handmade chocolates from pure cocoa beans from the Dominican Republic won the bronze medal for their 85% raw chocolate at The European Bar Semi-Final 2017, in Amsterdam, 2017. This could be a truly unique souvenir from Split!

3. Aromatic herbs products

Lavender, St. John’s wort, immortelle, sage, sea fennel, rosemary…From ancient times these herbs have always been a good base for the production of some healthy oils and hydrolats. In Dalmatia, they are still used today. Immortelle is grown on the island of Vis and Hvar, lavender is the most popular herb on Hvar, and you can even find sage on the street in Split. You can choose from beautiful soaps and lotions to candles and food.

souvenirs from dalmatia soap
Can you smell aromas?

Lavender production was a major industry a century ago, and seeing the fields in bloom in June and July is a magical experience, none more so than at the annual Lavender Festival in Velo Grablje on the island of Hvar. Souvenirs typically include oil and dried lavender. Not expensive, full of aromas.

And very soothing – proven! Oils can be found in markets sold by old ladies, and you’ll pay less than 5 euros for a small bottle. Great way to bring some Mediterranean smells into your home!

4. Dalmatian dog

Ok, you don’t have to buy a dog, but the Dalmatian (known for its unique black liver spotted coat and used mainly as a carriage dog in its early days) is actually a dog from Dalmatia! Its roots go back to Croatia and the historical region of Dalmatia.

The first images of the dog were found in Croatia: an altarpiece in Veli Lošinj from 1600-1630! So today you can find many souvenirs with this theme – posters, ceramic bowls, plates, pens, earrings, t-shirts, mugs, pillows, socks, Dalmatian tote bag…It is a rare and impressive souvenir from Dalmatia whose points speak for themselves!

Souvenirs from dalmatia
Dalmatian Dog

5. Art

Split has a strong artistic tradition, and there are many galleries and exhibitions in close proximity. Many of the galleries are staffed by the artists themselves, and a wearable art souvenir can make a very nice gift.

Being a city with a strong fishing tradition, there are many books, artistic photographs, cards, calendars, posters, prints, stickers and books of cartoons that have a fish print or boat design. If you don’t buy the first thing you see, you’ll probably find great crafts with nautical and nautical themes. Perhaps the best souvenir from Croatia and Dalmatia is the one associated with the geographical area!

souvenirs dalmatia
Wodden fish

In the end, what is Croatia/Dalmatia known for? In other words, what should you buy as a gift in Croatia? Well, there are some things that are unique because they were invented in Croatia – for example, a tie! Or a ballpoint pen! I’m sure you didn’t know that! So, if you have a man who wears a suit, a tie would be the best souvenir from Croatia! And a uniquely appropriate gift, we might add. But still – don’t miss buying a bottle of local grappa or wine. At dinner on the way home, you will talk about the memories of the trip best with a bottle of Mali Plavac or Pošip.

Every corner of Dalmatia offers its treasures – customs, traditions and handicrafts that will be reflected in your little memories. Take

souvenir tie dalmatia
A tie - croatian product!