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How to visit Krka during a World Covid Pandemic

For more than a year we suffer from a “new normal” world. And we’re pretty sure you don’t like it very much. We think we are all ready for the most challenging season2021! Krka Tour During Covid Pandemic is ready for you! Book it now!

A "new normal" Krka Tour - still so beautiful

How to visit Krka during a world Covid pandemic.

It’s logical that you ask yourself every day – how to travel during the Covid pandemic? The same is true for us. But we’re going to ask you a slightly different question: How to visit Krka during the Covid pandemic? Well, the answer is changing every day – sometimes even twice per day. Still, one is for sure. Krka Waterfalls Tour started on the first day of April. And Krka is still so beautiful. Furthermore – we succeeded to adjust our trip schedule to all WHO recommendations.  Therefore, do not hesitate. You have to go to Krka National Park, and once your trip is over you will know why.


Krka Tour From Split Locations visiting

Why is Krka Waterfalls Tour the most popular tour?

Krka waterfalls from Split is our most popular tour. Every year we bring more than 50 thousand tourists from Split to Krka Waterfalls and Šibenik. We know how to do it! We know that you can’t have the same offer and the same tour every year. People ask for more and they want more. Luckily for you, Dalmatia is full of treasures, and defining a new tour and making a different itinerary for “New Normal Covid Tourist” was not that difficult. Krka Tour During Covid pandemic is just a moment in the time. And we can all pass it together!


krka pandemic tour
Krka Tour During Covid Pandemic started on 1th April

For the last few months, we have been thinking about the question you have been asking! And that is – How to visit Dalmatia and Krka during a world pandemic. We hope that in this article you will find the answers you have been looking for. In the end, there is not much philosophy here. Everything is possible if you really want something.

We really want to travel!

 All these restrictions, lockdowns, fears, losses, closed borders, and ultimately bondage have made us nervous and sad. Lonely. Especially if you’re a traveler. And since travelers make up more than half of the earth’s population, we can say we’ve had a rough year. But, keep smiling.

Because right now, the vaccine is making some changes. In this sense, we all believe that there is a light at the end of the tunnel, and there is a beautiful Dalmatia waiting to cheer you up!

Visiting Krka without Šibenik is like eating soup without salt

So, you’ve bought a ticket for our most popular tour, and after an hour’s bus ride you arrive at Krka National Park. The first thing you have to do – Relax.

The mask is boring, but that doesn’t have to affect your experience. The distance between people will probably still need to be respected, but there is a high chance that it will be something of a “past life” by summer. We rely on Population Vaccination. In the meantime, enjoy your Krka Tour Covid Pandemic.

So, after entering a National Park, you will witness the beauty of Skradinski Buk waterfall. It is the largest and most spectacular of seven along with the largely unaltered ecosystem of the Karst Krka River. You will have enough time to feel again the freedom and all the freshness of the river. In the end, enjoy the boat ride to Krka National Park. Since this is a Covid pandemic Krka Tour – Keep a distance of 1 meter on open air.

Krka Tour By Boat during pandemic

To make sure no one in the park annoys you, read the instructions at National Park Office.

April promotion: children 18 and under (accompanied by a parent or guardian)

can visit the park for free.

Buses and boats run at reduced capacity

due to epidemiological measures.

We ask visitors to wear protective masks when staying indoors and during transport (buses and boats).

We also remind you of the recommendation to maintain social distance.

As of April 1, the wearing of protective masks will also be

mandatory in open areas with the increased visitor traffic.

Online ticketing is available. Buy tickets via online ticketing.

Šibenik and the sea after the river – the best combination Covid Tour

Šibenik – one of the oldest Croatian cities, whose name is mentioned for the first time in 1066. This beautiful town on the Adriatic coast has about 46 thousand inhabitants and is one of the most famous tourist destinations in Croatia. Šibenik is located at the mouth of the river Krka.

There you can visit the hydroelectric power plant Jaruga, which is the second oldest hydroelectric power plant in the world and the oldest in Europe. It was put into operation in August 1895.

Šibenik krka tour pandemic
Center of Šibenik - a true mediterranean square

Precisely because of the construction of this hydroelectric plant, Šibenik became the first city in the world with alternating current. It was also the first city in Croatia to have public lighting! In addition, Šibenik had many other pioneering achievements, mainly thanks to the above-mentioned project from 1895.

Side by side with the metropolises of the world

With the entry of the Fortress of St. Nicholas on the World Heritage List UNESCO, Šibenik is the only city in Croatia that has two monuments on the list UNESCO. In this respect, Šibenik stands alongside London, Berlin, Beijing and New Delhi.

The maritime beauty of unique architecture was built in the canal in the middle of the 16th century to defend the town from enemies, and for five centuries it witnessed the turbulent history of the Šibenik region. In addition to the registered fortress of St. Nikola, which is on the World Heritage List UNESCO, the Cathedral of St. Jacob has also been located here since 2000.

Tour ideal for Covid pandemic 

If you decide to travel during the Covid pandemic and the road takes you to Dalmatia, do not hesitate. A trip to Krka National Park and the neighboring town of Šibenik is the best thing you can choose. In the offer of the agency Daluma Travel, you will also find a tour with a guaranteed meal that will be waiting for you on the Split waterfront after a long and fun day in nature.

Our brand new offer

On the other hand, Our brand new offer – A boat trip will take you to Martinska, where you will have lunch on a boat on the way from Krka. A beautiful ride through the Sv. Ante canal will have you enjoying how the locals enjoy it.

With Mediterranean snacks, a glass of homemade wine, and the surroundings you’ve only seen on postcards. And yes – before you leave Šibenik, you’ll have some free time to jump into the crystal blue sea and refresh yourself. What more could you ask for?

Maybe just one more tour for tomorrow! Think about visiting Salona, Klis, or Trogir. Or another boat tour? We have it all. Take your time and have a great trip in summer 2021. Traveler – Covid – 1: 0.