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Towns to visit near Split

Towns near split

Split Town is the administrative center of central-southern Dalmatian county in Croatia. But we will say more about towns to visit near Split.

Towns Near Split are waiting for You!

Towns to Visit Near Split

Split Town is the administrative center of central-southern Dalmatian county in Croatia. But we will say more about towns to visit near Split.  Split is the basis for the tourists due to the port and bus/train stations. Not to mention how Split has so much to offer – the sea, weather, beautiful girls, nature, mountains, rivers, culture, and historical heritage…

But all of the above can be visited and experienced in a couple of days. And then what? Here is an interesting list of the best towns in the vicinity of Split, in Split County. You can reach them in less than an hour!

Each of them has its history and its secrets. Also, beauties that can only be seen there. Precisely because of this, they are worth a visit.

The Split county is divided into three parts: an elevated hinterland – ‘Dalmatinska Zagora’ with numerous karst fields. Then a narrow coastal strip with high population density, and finally the islands. 

Let’s start with hinterland.

Town of knights

Sinj - town to visit near Split!

Among all towns near Split, Sinj we can call the capital of Zagora. Dignified, proud, and modern, this town has a lot to discover. What he is most proud of is the knight’s game Alka, which has been played without a break for over 300 years.

It is a town that once saved the whole dalmatian coast in the onslaught of the Turks, so, first of all, you should visit the city museum.

As August and the Alka festivities approach, the whole of Sinj is beating to the rhythm of the horses, the streets of the city that lives for Alka, the flagship of UNESCO and Croatian and world intangible heritage, are pulsating. It all starts with the competition for “Bara”. “Čoja” follows on Saturday, and on Sunday the Alka knight fight for the victorious pennant and their place in the long and rich history of Alkar.

Admission to the rehearsals, as well as to Bar and Choi, is free. Don’t miss the opportunity to be a part of these unique events in the world and participate live in the trailer for Alka!

You do not leave Sinj without trying local products and tasting prosciutto. If you visit the town when the Prosciutto Days are held in Sinj, you will not regret it.

rafting Cetina river Adventure town
Rafting on The Cetina River - the most popular Tour
Your Ethno experience near Split!

Gata & Omiš

Well, when we talk about Gata, we cant say it is a town near Split! It is more like a village, 25 kilometers down on the south. But it is a very nice village!
In any case, Omiš is a town near Split that is definitely on this list, and Gata is its ‘lobby’ (if you come from Zagora).


Gata is a small place located in the heart of Poljica. It is located below the mountain Mosor and is 6 kilometers away from the town of Omiš, which is the town to visit near Split! Gat would be just a one-stop before 🙂 It is located not far from the river Cetina. The village has just over 600 inhabitants and records a slight increase in population.

Sleeping on a summer evening under the mountain slopes in the fresh air is a special experience. We help you with this idea with a list of (luxury) villas in Gata.

Gata has played a significant role in central Dalmatia in their history. They were the main center of the Republic of Poljica. And the best authentical dalmatian meal comes from there – Soparnik ( a chard and garlic pie)! To eat the best Soparnik, you should go on the source!

Soparnik was the dish of the poor, and today it represents a highly appreciated delicacy. 

Chard, Garlic, domestic dough, Onion, Herbs…And fire! Don’t forget to put some love!

First, the central four slices are removed, and a traditional wooden jug is placed in that hole!


A town near Split that has it all!

Omiš - town Near Split

Omiš is a small town to visit near Split –  only 20 kilometers away. You can get there by car and bus, boat and even a scooter or bicycle :). In one spot Omiš has the sea, a river, and mountains. At the same time, it is historical and modern. On the other hand, you can dive and swim in the morning and hike and do some free climbing in the afternoon.

South of the town of Omiš, the length of almost 20 kilometers long coastline stretches the Omiš Riviera. Numerous fishing villages, a few meters from the sea – offer an escape from the hustle and bustle. 

One event in Omiš is unique: the original Pirate battle, which took place in the 13th century, is being reconstructed, thus building the Omis brand as a pirate town, all based on historical facts and the development of cultural tourism.

Although in many ways a typical Mediterranean town, Omis, due to its specific location, is also a place where various gastronomic influences have been mixed for centuries. Good wines, fish, and olive oil form the backbone of Mediterranean gastronomy. At the same time, famous delicacies such as Poljički soparnik or Dalmatian prosciutto arrive from the Poljica hinterland.

Historical and cozy Old Town

Trogir - town near Split

The castle and the tower surrounded by walls form the core of Trogir.
In 1997, UNESCO included the Old Town of Trogir in the World Heritage List as one of the best-preserved Romanesque-Gothic cities in Central Europe. This is maybe the most important town near Split you should visit. Precisely because of the incredible cultural heritage.

Trogir Near Split


Kamerlengo Tower is the most famous monument. It was built shortly after the Venetians conquered the city. The castle is open to visitors and from its towers, there is a beautiful view. Numerous concerts and events are held here during the summer months.

The Trogir peninsula is connected by a bridge with the island of Čiovo. There you can enjoy secluded beaches, the scents of the Mediterranean, and emerald forests.

In this case, perhaps it would be best to explore Trogir and its surrounding islets by boat trip

Blue Lagoon is something special, and If you could manage to visit it in preseason or postseason, due to less crowding, we promise you a dream day at sea!

Boat tour Blue Lagoon Trogir Daluma
'Krknjaši' islands - Blue Lagoon, best to visit by the Boat!

When you are already in Trogir, remember that you are halfway to the Krka National Park. As has been noted, It would be a shame not to visit the beauties of Krka waterfalls. Not to think too much, it is best to book your place on a Krka/Trogir Tour that includes Trogir and Krka.

Indulge yourself in towns to visit near Split, you are on vacation. You just have to worry that the camera battery is full.

In general, if you are a ‘history freak’, pick a tour that starts in Ancient Salona, continues to Klis, and ends in Trogir.