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Krka Waterfalls from Split | Skradinski Buk

Skradinski Buk is the Europe’s largest sloping trench! While looking inside of National Park, it is last, seveth, also the longest waterfall on the Krka River, and also most commonly visited by visitors. Its waterfalls, with full right to be called natural wonders, were created by islands, lakes and travertine barriers, total of 17 stoops staggered over 800 meters lenght, for the final time mutual waters of rivers Krka and Čikola combine. Skradinski Buk itself is wide from 200 meters to 400 meters, with its total higness diference of 45,7 meters. Underneath Skradinski Buk the sinking part of the mouth of the river Krka begins. In the year of 1985., when Krka Waterfalls was proclaimed as National Park, also a Krka Hydropower Plant was born! Did you know that its operations started just two days after hydroelectric plant at Niagara Falls, made by our Croatian, Nikola Tesla? It gave electricity to town of Šibenik, much before many European cities. Nowadays, its remnants can be seen as part of visit to Krka Waterfalls. And also, just a few hundred meters away, Hydropower Plant „Jaruga“ has been open, and it is working eversince, providing electricity to the county.

Talking about its ravertine is a common appearance in the surface of Dinaric area, but it has shown its magnificence on the Krka River, as it rarely builds waterfalls. Why is it so popular? Because you can explore this phenomenon all year long, thanks to the network of trails and bridges that allow you safe walking and exploring. Also, it is the only part of Krka Waterfalls where you can swim! Have in mind that river temperatures are slightly lower than the sea temperatures.

Skradinski Buk is a part of the total area of 109 km2 of the Krka River and visited more and more since 1985 when its basin was proclaimed as a National Park.

Located on the southern area of the National Park, Skradinski Buk can be reached in several ways. Krka tour from Split is a marvellous tour, which takes you there every day, all year long, with no minimum limit to be reached. Skradinski Buk locality can be reached firstly via the Lozovac entrance. Even though it is very popular, and you have probably already read about traffic in busy months, don’t be repealed, because our bus takes you directly to the entrance to Skradinski Buk. If you are a nature lover, you can hike about 10 minutes, exploring all its beauty on the 875km walking trail. Secondly, you can reach it from Skradin entrance, by car or with a boat. As a part of our Krka tour from Split with a speedboat, you will enter Skradinski Buk area with a small group of people, avoiding all public boat traffic!

What to do four hours in Krka Waterfalls?

Believe us, you will want more time! When you explore all highlights, and take all pictures you want, finally it is time to swim under the waterfalls, in a pleasant temperature, surrounded by nature.