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Skradinski buk – most attractive part of the Krka Waterfalls

Krka National Park is one of the most beautiful national parks in the Republic of Croatia and is one of the most attractive destinations for excursions from Split.

Where is the national park?

The National Park is located in central Dalmatia just a few kilometers from the town of Šibenik. The park spans 109 square kilometers and features a breathtaking green and watery areas for every visitor. Krka National Park consists of 7 waterfalls: Bilušica buk, Ćorica Buk, Manojlovac, Rošnjak, Miljacka, Roški Waterfall and Skradinski buk.

Why is Skradinski buk the most visited part of Krka?

Skradinski buk is the most visited and attractive part of the Krka National Park and it includes a large number of restaurants and souvenir shops. Skradinski buk also offers its visitors a walk for 2 to 3 hours at a height of 50 meters. To get directly to Skradinski buk it is necessary to come to the entrance Skradin or to the entrance Lozovac from where it is easiest to reach the desired promenade. Skradinski buk includes the longest waterfall in the length of 45.7 meters, and the waterfall is formed by islands, lakes, travertine barriers and bridges that give a beautiful view of the surrounding nature. Skradinski buk is also available all year round thanks to a network of bridges and trails that give every visitor a safe but enjoyable walk. Boat excursions for those interested are also possible from Skradinski buk, and excursions include a tour to the islands of Visovac and Roški Slap. Visitors to this part of the national park are also able to get acquainted with the rich ethnographic heritage of the area, and also have an educational trail on which there is much information about the natural resources of the Krka National Park and Skradinski buk.

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