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Skradin – Entrance Of The „National Park Krka Waterfall“

Where is Skradin? As you will find out on our Krka waterfalls from Split tour, Skradin is located on the doorstep of Krka River and the same National Park in our beautiful Croatia. Situated only 80 kilometers north from Split, this beautiful town collides with river which falls into the Adriatic sea, and makes Skradin a beautiful, riverside town. With a combination of bare stone antique houses, and beautiful fortress above the main street, inhabits approximately 4000 people. You will see all marks of a small, romantic Mediterranean town with narrow paved streets, passages, vaults and stairs.

Ideal place for summer holidays

Did you know that even though Croatian tourists often neglect Skradin, Bill Gates named it ‘’his ideal place for summer holidays’’?

This is a magical place, which exists for about 6000 years already, and it makes it one of the oldest Croatian settlements which first got „town“ status. In the nerby, you can visit World Heritage sites, like Split, Trogir, Šibenik and Zadar.

If you are looking for peaceful, yet active holiday, Skradin is a place not to miss while you are in Croatia. You can experience beautiful mornings by listening traditional „klapa“ singers (a capella singing typical for the Croatian Adriatic) during summer season, or musical festivals happening twice in a year, in the center of the town, or you can head to peace and quiet of Visovac monastery inside of National Park Krka Waterfalls.

The secret of ancient Skradin

The secret of ancient Skradin is hidden in the harmony of its good strategic position, in its fertile fields, in the depths of its rivers and sea and in its unusually beautiful scenery.

Looking back in history, Skradin town and its surroundings have been inhabited since the Neolithic period. The oldest settlements were from 3500 B.C. First written dana about the town itself, were describing the year of 33 B.C. Skradin’s peace and harmony was already marked long time ago, firstly it was the capital of Liburnia, then the capital of the Roman Province of Liburnia. Afterwards, in the 4th century, Skradin was the center of the early Christian diocese. And the most famous description provided was in the beginning of the 14th century, when the famous Pavao Šubić wrote about Skradin, when it was the principal town of Croatia and Bosnia! Also, long time ago, Skradin had the first hydroelectric power plant in Europe, opened in 1895, only two days after Nikola Tesla’s famous power plant at Niagara Falls, which made Skradin, Šibenik and Krka Waterfalls National Park area powered with electricity, while other towns needed to wait few more years for the same ability.

How to explore Skradin?

The most beautiful  landscape view and panorama pictures you will take from the bridge situated on the auto route A1, towards town Split. https://goo.gl/maps/nke8A46LP4p When you get there, you will understand why this belvedere was nominated for the „Golden Flower of Europe“ award for the most beautiful belvedere on European auto routes. Also, the best pictures you can get from the medieval fortress of ban Pavao Šubić of Bribir. https://goo.gl/maps/mRXj2PHUZg22

If you are into cycling, you have about 3 kilometers of bicycle trails in length, which spreads from the Skradin Bridge to Skradinski Buk waterfall itself.  Also, inside of Krka Waterfalls, you can do sea kayaking, snorkeling, swimming in summer months, and stand up paddling. In our 4 hour tour, you can do everything mentioned.

Are you ready to book the Krka waterfalls tour from Split and spend your day in Skradin area? 🙂