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Most important sights in Krka National Park

Krka waterfalls from Split

Krka National Park is located in central Dalmatia, not far from the town of Šibenik. Krka Waterfalls is known for its large number of waterfalls and lakes and the beautiful green area that surrounds them.

The area of the National Park extends over 109 square kilometers and is one of the most beautiful and attractive national parks in Dalmatia. Krka Waterfalls was declared a national park in 1985, and since then its attendance has increased every new tourist season. Krka National Park has a lot to see and some of the most important sights that you should not miss during your visit to this park are Skradinski Buk, Visovac Island, Visovačka House, the Stinice-Roški Waterfall-Ozidjana Cave educative trail, Krka Monastery, Ozidjana Cave, Roški waterfall, Manojlovac waterfalls, Bilusica buk, Burnum amphitheater and Eco campus Puljane, educational trails and lookouts, ethno presentation and souvenir shops.


The most important spots of NP Krka

Skradinski Buk

Skradinski Buk has been proclaimed the most beautiful part of the park but also one of the most famous natural beauties of Croatia. It is the longest waterfall on the Krka River, formed by travertine barriers, lakes and islands. This part of the park contains a large number of bridges and trails that ensure every visitor a comfortable and safe walk. On the Skradinski buk you can also see the mills, which are arranged as souvenir shops and spaces that house ethnographic collections.

Visovac Island

Visovac Island is a beautiful cultural and natural attraction that houses a Franciscan monastery that was built in 1445. This island is an island of prayer, peace, spirituality and faith. The island has been attracting pilgrims from time immemorial and because of its importance, excursion boats for pilgrims have been organized. The island also contains valuable archaeological collections.

Visovačka House

Visovačka House is a visitor educational center and is part of the educational trail Stinice-Roški slap-Oziđana pećina. This facility is also one of the entrances to the Krka National Park where tickets can be purchased as well as all the information related to the park.

The Stinice-Roški Waterfall-Ozidjana Cave educative trail

This trail is one of the most beautiful trails in the park, containing educational panels, geological phenomena and cultural and historical sites. The trail is 8.5 kilometers long and takes about 3 hours to complete the walk.

Krka Monastery

Located just a few kilometers east of Kistanje, this facility is the spiritual center of Orthodox believers. Next to the monastery is a Byzantine-style church and an ancient Roman catacombs.

Ozidjana Cave

The Cave Oziđana is located above Roška Waterfall, on the left bank of the Krka River. The cave is tunnel-shaped and contains bones of people, different animals, mussel shells, stone tools and more.

Roški Waterfall

This waterfall is located 36 kilometers downstream from the source of the Krka River, and is composed of large waterfalls and countless tufted islands, cascades and branches.

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