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Krka Waterfalls – Educational workshops for children

Krka National Park is the most famous national park in the Šibenik-Knin County, and is extremely famous for its large number of beautiful waterfalls and attractive lakes that fascinate every visitor. Krka Waterfalls are named after the river Krka that runs through the park, and the park itself is located in central Dalmatia and is an ideal destination for those who are in Split looking for a trip to nature. The National Park includes one of the most preserved and beautiful ecosystems that every visitor will admire. The Krka River itself flows from Dinara Mountain and flows through Prokljansko Lake and ends in the Sibenik Bay. The park itself is spread over 109 square kilometers, of which 25.6 is water surface and waterfalls. Krka Waterfalls were declared a national park in 1985 and it is the seventh national park in the Republic of Croatia.

The purpose of the park, except for tourist activities, is primarily cultural, scientific, recreational but also educational. For this reason, educational programs have been devised, approved by the Ministry of Science and Education for the youngest, in which they will be educated on the promotion and protection of the national park itself. Today, most people are not sufficiently environmentally conscious and are not well educated on how they can protect the environment, so it is imperative that young people are introduced to the basics of protection and sustainable development. Children are the best way to promote positive environmental messages in the world, which is why Krka National Park has designed various programs that are primarily fun and educational. The educational programs themselves include sports activities, fieldwork, lectures and ecological workshops designed according to the age of the children. The programs are designed by the employees of the Public Institution ” Krka National Park ”, and they are carried out, of course, in agreement with the teachers and professors. Each workshop lasts one hour, is held throughout the year and is held outdoors depending on the time period. Some of the workshops are as follows:

Workshop ” Mini Nature Keepers ”

This workshop includes sightseeing and introducing children to the Krka National Park through a walk in the park, a story and a play. The workshop is designed for preschoolers, and park staff have devised a fun way to present the workshop itself. A colorful story has been devised that will intrigue the children, and it captures the bat of Joppa who fights water pollution as she tries to celebrate her 6th birthday. This story tries to point out to children the environmental issues and the importance of protecting the environment and how they can influence their behavior and actions. At the end of the workshop, children are asked specific questions based on the story and what they think of it, and are awarded diplomas by which they become ” Mini Nature Conservationists ”.

Workshop “Let’s give more to bats”

This workshop is designed for lower elementary school children as well as those of pre-school age. The workshop is based on bats because their appearance is a healthy ecosystem, which is also reflected in pollination, propagation of plant seeds and insect abundance. The children are explained the reasons why bats are endangered, and the workshop itself breaks down prejudices such as bats drinking blood. The workshop also produces origami bats, mask bats and 3D paper roll bats.

Workshop ” Wear Me Green ”

This specific workshop is dedicated to pre-school children as well as to elementary school students. The main topics of the workshop are frogs and their conservation. At the workshop, park staff introduce children to the problems of frogs, their habitats, water pollution, etc. The workshop is based on presentations through which stories of frogs will be presented through the story and illustrations, and part of the workshop will also be a quiz game from leap to paddle. Through the quiz game, children will memorize the basic and most interesting information about these little green creatures, and masks will be created after the game.

Workshop “Waterfall Drop”

This workshop is intended for children from the first to the sixth grade, and through it educates children on the importance of preserving water surfaces. The first part of the workshop includes a lecture, while in the second part the children are divided into groups to create water filters using sand, net, cotton, eraser, plastic bottles and coal. This program helps children develop teamwork skills and encourages them to think. After the filters have been created, an educational game follows, where they are tasked with transferring water from one end of the polygon to the other, proving to the children that every drop of water is important.


Krka National Park is more than just a park, it is a cultural and educational place not only for young people but also for adults. The park will always offer a variety of fun and educational programs for all ages, and each visitor will bring with them not only memories but also a piece of knowledge.

It is recommended to visit the park in spring and summer when the park itself is at its greatest, and if you are in Split and are looking for things to do, search our Krka tour from Split at the following link and book your place!

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