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Krka Waterfalls – basic informations

The Krka National Park is the seventh national park in the Republic of Croatia and the second national park by the number of visits after Plitvice Lakes. Krka waterfalls are known for their large number of waterfalls and lakes, and forested parts that stretch between. This beautiful national park is located in central Dalmatia, just a few kilometers from Sibenik and is an ideal option for an excursion if you are in Split or anywhere nearby. The park itself is spread over 109 square kilometers and consists of 7 travertine waterfalls that capture the well-known karst phenomena.

The best things to see in the Krka National Park

1. Skradinski buk – represents the most famous and visited part of the park, which is reached through the entrance Skradin or Lozovac. The walk inside Skradinski buk lasts about 2-3 hours and provides visitors with a trail consisting of wooden planks at an elevation of about 50 meters.
2. Roška Waterfall – The visit lasts from 1-2 hours and this part of the Krka waterfall includes beautiful walks, 60 meters deep caves and several lookouts. The Roška Waterfall can be reached by car or boat from Skradinski buk.
3. Visovac – This Catholic monastery is one of the cultural and historical sites within the national park and is located between Skradinski buk and Roška waterfall on the small island of Gospa on the river. The visit to this monastery lasts 30 minutes and can be reached by boat from Skradinski buk, Roski Slap, Stinic or Remetić.
4. Krka Monastery – an Orthodox monastery located in the northern part of the Krka National Park. It can be reached by car or by boat from Roška Waterfall, and since the monastery is still in use, visitors are allowed to see Roman catacombs and the Orthodox Church.
5. Burnum / Puljane – This part of the national park includes archaeological remains that reveal several Roman structures that were once in the area. The buildings include a military amphitheater that was rebuilt after numerous wars that were present in the area. The visit takes an average of 30 minutes and the way of arrival is by car.
6. Manojlovica Waterfall – located near Burnum, it includes beautiful waterfalls whose average visit lasts up to an hour. This part of Krka National Park also includes 3 different points from which you can observe the waterfalls.

Krka National Park entrance and ticket prices

The Krka National Park consists of 5 official entrances, namely Skradin, Lozovac, Roški Waterfall, Burnum / Puljane and Kistanje. When it comes to ticket prices, they vary depending on when and what parts of the park you visit. The price list for 2020 for individual visitors and groups can be found on the official website of the National Park:

Hiking trails in the Krka National Park

The main trail in the Krka National Park is located in Skradinski buk and the entire trail is lined with wooden boards. The trail takes an average walk of about 2 hours. Other smaller trails are located at Roski Slap, and the longest trail in the area is between Roski Slap and Stinice.

When is the best time to visit Krka National Park?

The Krka National Park is open all year round and at any time of the year it is possible to enjoy the beautiful scenery the park offers, regardless of the weather. However, the summer months, especially July and August, bring the biggest crowds due to the season and there is a high possibility that the hiking trails will be full and there will be a larger queue in restaurants. Therefore, Krka waterfalls are best visited in the pre-season and post-season.

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