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Krka National Park – hiking trails PART 2

Krka National Park has one of the most geomorphologically interesting rivers flowing through the Dalmatian karst. Krka is an ideal place for walking, swimming or cycling, and in this article we will present you some of the best hiking trails!

4rd trail – Goriš to Torak

This trail encompasses the Torak Lake springs 150 meters in diameter and 30 meters deep, and includes clean and drinking water that was once used by residents of nearby settlements. To get to the start of the trail, it is necessary to follow the signposts for the Goriš settlement on the Šibenik-Drniš road, and when you arrive at the settlement you will have three possibilities of entering the trail. The trail also includes a beautiful Torak lookout that is convenient for photographing.

5th trail – Brnjica to Korito Čikole

This trail is also called the Gluva Road, named after Marko Ljubić Gluvi, who with his own hands accomplished today’s trail to get from Brnjica to the riverbed of Čikola. The Gluva road starts from Brnjice to the largest tributary of the Krka River that runs to Drnis, the Čikola River. In the area of the trail are two caves with Paleolithic sites and the most preserved medieval fortress of the park. The trail itself is 1450 meters long and can be reached from the village of Brnjica, where you will find an open parking lot and a macadam track that descends steeply down to the Čikola River. Directions must be followed from the place to get to the trail.

6th trail – Ključica

This trail is reached from the village of Ključ, located on the Miljevac Plateau, and following the signposts, the trail itself will take you to a beautiful viewpoint, which will knock you off your feet. The lookout is located on the fort of Ključica, which actually looks like a castle, and is located at the very edge of a rocky cliff. The trail is 1600 meters long and it is easiest to reach it by entering the settlement Ključ on Miljevci from the direction of Šibenik, and by the beginning of the trail it is necessary to follow signposts and cycle paths. The trail is macadam, with a slight steeper uphill slope at the beginning while the entire trail is flat.

7th trail – Bačići

This trail starts in the village of Bačići, in the place Drinovci, and at the end of the trail marks a small lake with an island which contains a church and a monastery called Visovac. Visovac is a centuries-old destination for pilgrims from all over the world, and is an island of peace and prayer. The Bacici Trail is 1800 meters long and starts on the left side of the river Krka in the Drinovci settlement. The parking lot is located along the road, and from it is visible a macadam path that goes down towards Krka.

8th trail – Vukovića podi

Vukovića podi is located in the wider area of Dubravica, and there you will find an educational hiking trail with a lookout that also contains mountain-bike routes about 25 kilometers long. The trail itself is ideal for walking and cycling, as the scenery that awaits you will leave you breathless, especially when it comes to the view from the Vukovića lookout onto the canyon ”Među gredama” and the island of Visovac. This trail is only 350 meters long and the most ideal way to get there is from the village of Dubravice where you need to follow the direction of Graovo and later signposts that will take you to the educational walking and cycling routes. Parking is available at the start of the trail.

9th trail – Rogovo

At the very end of this trail you will come across one of the most beautiful sceneries in the Krka National Park itself, which is the view of the Canyon ”Među gredama”. A hiking trail will lead you to the lookout point, and in the spring and summer the ships of the Krka National Park also sail along this path. The trail itself is 2300 meters long and can be reached from the Rupe-Laškovica road, followed by signposts forRogovo. Parking is available at the start of the trail, and the lookout is accessed via a steep and narrow dirt road, while the rest of the trail is a gravel road.


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