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Krka National Park -hiking trails PART 1

The Krka River is one of the most geomorphologically interesting rivers flowing through the Dalmatian karst. The river itself runs through wooded and karst areas, while it falls and spills down the rocks, wich has given us the opportunity to visit but also to experience one of the most beautiful national parks in Croatia – Krka National Park. As soon as the beauties of the area were recognized as something in need of protection, the locals immediately arose and the first legal act on protection was implemented in 1948, when the most beautiful part of Krka – Skradinski Buk was protected. Only later did the protection of the area expand with the years, and Krka Waterfalls was declared a national park in 1985. Krka National Park today offers its visitors a unique experience of flora and fauna, as well as wonderful hydrogeological scenes that will leave every visitor breathless. Krka is an ideal place for walking, swimming or cycling, and in this article we will present you some of the best hiking trails and viewpoints!

1st trail – Skradinski bridge – Skradinski buk

This hiking trail starts from the Skradin Bridge, which was built in 1953 and marks the southwestern border of the Krka National Park, but it is also the only water entrance to the park. On this trail from the bridge itself to the most famous and beautiful part of the park are many little islands covered with beautiful aquatic vegetation, such as the island of Macelinus, the largest island on the Krka River. Formerly, white Dalmatian ships sailed along these roads, carrying food all the way to Skradinski buk, but today this canyon is only reserved for the ships of the Public Institution “National Park Krka” and for visitors. This trail is the most famous trail and is ideal for those who are not in a hurry, but whose goal is to enjoy an easy and slow walk in which you will best experience nature with every small step.
To get to this trail, it is best to park at the Skradin Bridge where parking is free, or in the city of Skradin for a fee, and walk from the city 10 to 20 minutes to the trail. The trail is 3400 meters long and includes a macadam and a field trail that is ideal for pedestrians and cyclists. The trail starts at the reception desk at Skradinski most and ends at the reception at the dock downstream of Skradinski buk.

2nd trail – Lozovac – Skradinski buk

This trail is an ideal choice for those true lovers of the forest scenery where you will experience scents of river and pine along the way. The trail starts from Lozovac, the main land entrance to the Krka National Park and ends in one of the most beautiful parts of the park, Skradinski buk. This trail encompasses many beautiful and serene scenery for its visitors, but also one of its most magnificent waterfalls. The Lozovac – Skradinski Buk trail is 875 meters long and starts at the Lozovac parking lot where is the main land entrance to the park.

3rd trail – Skradinski buk

This third trail allows visitors to walk through one of the most beautiful areas of the park, which is home the longest and most famous waterfall of the park itself, named Skradinski Buk. The waterfall can be viewed through the promenade covered by this trail, and it includes trails and bridges that run through a series of watermills in this part of Krka. On this trail you also have some of the most beautiful viewpoints located on the right bank of the river, and from it you can see the phenomenon of the Krka National Park – tufa. On the left side of the coast you have a place from which the Austro-Hungarian emperor Francis Joseph I. admired the Skradinski buk, which is also ideal as a viewpoint. Visitors are provided educational boards along the trail, and ethnographic collections that tell the history of the park. The trail also includes the remnants of the world’s first hydroelectric power station, which makes the trail itself a place of history but also a place of the rich cultural and historical heritage of the Krka National Park. The trail is 1900 meters long and you can reach the start from the Lozovac trail, or by the bus of the national park. The trail ends at the starting point, so it is necessary to follow the signs while walking..

Krka waterfalls is one of the most beautiful tourist attractions in Dalmatia, but also one of the most beautiful and interesting national parks in Croatia. If you are in Croatia, do not miss out on thisIt natural beauty.

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