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Krka After: 5 locations to visit in Dalmatia

Krka Tour From Split Locations visiting

You have visited National Park Krka and you’re still thinking about all impressions of that natural beauty. But you would like to see more of this region – Dalmatia.   This blog might make your search easier for you. Let’s see what 5 locations to visit in Dalmatia we have.

Explore as much as you can!

Krka After: 5 locations to visit in Dalmatia

You have visited National Park Krka and you’re still thinking about all impressions of that natural beauty. But you would like to see more of this region – Dalmatia.   This blog might make your search easier for you. Let’s see what 5 locations to visit in Dalmatia we have. 

If you ask your tour guide, a local, or even a Google – you will probably get the same answer what should you visit next. Some of them are on the islands and some on the mainland. The great thing is that you need one day each, not more.

Split Old Town on the first place

Start from the Split Old Town!

O, how lucky you are! You have discovered Krka National Park, and you still have some days left to explore more of Dalmatia! Not to mention that, while in Split, you are at the heart of an Ancient Split town, 1700 years old. Therefore, the first thing you have to do is to take a Split Walking Tour and see all of

  1. Diocletian Palace! After a couple of hours of discovering the secrets of the town, just hop on the Panoramic Bus!
Diocletian palace Split tour
Saint Domnius Tower Bell

The Split Old Town is based on Diocletian Palace. Today, it is the only palace in the world where people still live. There are streets, narrow and small, full of life – people are sitting on their doorstep, talking loud and laughing. Kids are playing and some group of men might sing a traditional song a capella. Equally important – Diocletian palace basements are something special and once visited, you will know more about Diocletian’s way of living and maybe find out the real reason – why he built this astonishing palace right here.

Diocletian left behind a heritage that could not be destroyed just like that, and the most
famous is certainly his Diocletian’s Palace, which he built in a bay full of (Spanish) broom
(Greek – Aspalathos) near his native Salona, ​​and there is a well-known
a story about how the palace began to develop Split, the city as we know it today.

2. Only 6 kilometers north of Split are the remains of the ancient city of Salona, ​​the metropolis of the Roman province of Dalmatia. Definitely, a location to visit in Dalmatia! Good preserved and full of lovely spots, this walk will take only one hour or less, but it will be uniquely.

Everything starts there – Salona is the begging of Split (Spalato), therefore the location you shouldn’t miss! Bring your kids and even pets with you, just take care you respect archeological remains and nature.

salona tour krka tour
Salona Amphitheater

With this intention, you might continue to Klis Fortress Tour! The medieval fortress is built into a rocky ridge giving visitors an amazing view of the entire Split and islands! There are some locations of Game of Thrones filming, so be ready for emotions you didn’t expect.

3. Cetina River and Omiš – put these locations on your „must-see“ list especially if you are an adventure lover!

20 minutes by car or a bus and you will have everything on your hand – a mountain, Cetina canyon, a river, a beautiful small Omiš town, its fortress, the sea, and a sandy beach! Yes – everything in one place!

Omiš Tour Cetina Krka Tour
Omiš has it all – The Sea, The Mountain, The River, The Adventure, Local Gastronomy, and good wines!

We are pretty sure you will enjoy spending time in the shallow water near shores and river mouths. Or try free climbing, or rent a boat to explore the Cetina river or kayak. Check here our adventure tours offer and don’t think twice! No matter how old are you – Cetina is ready for your visit!


Time to leave the land – visit Hvar and Brač!

Islands paradise

Dear friend, you just can’t come to Dalmatia and leave it without reach at least one of the islands!


Islands, islets, cliffs and reefs of Dalmatia
which is 78% of their number in Croatia!

Islands are more than ever locations to visit in Dalmatia! In case you have never been here, try to find out as much as you can information about transport and prices. You will make easier your travel. One more advice – be sure which island you are going to visit. Because,  on the spot, looking at all those tours and touristic offers, you might be confused. We have two main suggestions – Hvar and Vis!

The optimal way to visit this location is to book a private tour! If you find it too expensive, go with a group, but under a tourist office/agency. They know small things and details to make your stay more comfortable.


 4.  Hvar and Pakleni Islands you should visit first! Still untouched nature and bays, green fields of vineyards, lavender or pine wood, and incredible romantic and fairy-tale beaches – will make you go crazy! We are serious – Hvar is your number one ‘sea’ location to visit in Dalmatia

In general, where ever you step on this island, you will have magnificent impressions! One thing which stands Hvar apart from the rest islands is its UNESCO heritage – seven World Heritage Sites!

Good wines, friendly locals, crystal blue sea, and plenty of suns make this location the crown of your itinerary!

With this in mind, maybe you will need more than one day for it 😊

Hvar Pakleni islands tour sunset tour
Sunset above Hvar and Pakleni Islands on left

5. Last but not least location to visit in Dalmatia is the famous Golden Horn on Brač island!

Only 1 hour from Split by boat, the whole new paradise opens in front of you! The South Coast of the island of Brač doesn’t have a reputation as Hvar for example, but still, here we talk about beaches from the books and the movies!

This is the highest island in Croatia so before visiting the popular Golden Horn Beach,  maybe you would like to see it all from above!

And then, go down. To paradise.

Small fisherman village – Bol is the location you must visit while in Dalmatia. In short – small place but full of life, modest but rich in history and culture. To pass all promenade long you will need 45 minutes. And this could be the most romantic 45 minutes ever! Don’t hurry, take your time, take some photos, and enjoy a deep breath. Even the air is a little bit different here – mixed up by aromatic herbs of the island and the salt of the sea.

Brač is one great treasure of history secrets and places to remember. Golden Horn is best to visit on preseason and postseason, but whatever – once you got there, time will stop!

So now, when you have 5 great locations to visit in Dalmatia, start to plan your tour.

Surprisingly (or not?), between these locations, there are more of them waiting for you to explore. It is not easy, we know that. But, we are a little jealous of you.

Because we are imagining the moment to see all of this beauty for the first time!


Bol Brač island Tour Golden Horn Beach

Golden Horn from above – due to the winds sometimes turns left or right – therefore it’s always unique!

It is a natural Beach since it was made of stones from the mountain above, for years. Currents during winters and strong south wind sometimes ‘push’ pebbles so hard so the top of the beach completely connects to the shoreline so we get a circle and a little lake on the top!