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Krka National Park was finally opened in early May this year. Krka waterfalls were closed for two months due to COVID 19 pandemic.  This year, this place marks 35 years since Krka national park was placed under nature protection due to its unique flora and fauna. Krka waterfalls are always beautiful regardless of the time of year.

But it is so special during the summer. Greenery, nature, tourists give it a special charm. During the coronavirus pandemic, peace and harmony ruled in the national park. Instead of people, animals were present in Krka waterfalls.

The opening day of the Park was a pleasant surprise for visitors. They saw swans, ducks floating in the river. Animals that would surely have been seen in smaller numbers at this time of year if there had not been this two-months break caused by a coronavirus. The promotional price was certainly one of the reasons for the arrival of larger numbers of domestic visitors. The Ticket prices for Krka waterfalls have been reduced as well as in other National Parks in Croatia. The promotional period for ticket prices will last until June 18. All presentation facilities such as a mill, souvenir shops, restaurants are also open bearing in mind the precautions necessary.


You have permission if you want to get indoors. Just before entering you need to disinfect your hands by using means located at the entrances to enclosed spaces. It would be advisable in the current situation to take all other measures required by experts and epidemiologists such as a distance of 2 meters, wearing gloves and masks.  Skradinski buk as the most beautiful and most unusual part of nature in Krka waterfalls is also available to visitors. If you want, you can reach it by bus or walk along the educational walking trail 857 meters long from Lozovac or by cycling in the length of four meters from Skradin. Since Skradinski buk is the most visited and most famous part of this landscape, we try to show tourists many other facilities in this area of ​​waterfalls.


The rich natural, historical and cultural heritage is one of the reasons why the middle and upper reaches of the Krka waterfalls has been visited more and more.

After Plitvice Lakes, Krka National Park is the second most visited national park in the country. Last year it had the most visitors since its inception.

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