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Best places to visit in Split – Part 1.

You may think it is all about the beaches, but its not. Croatia offers you a variety of choices, from stunning National Parks to historical old towns along the coast, we will show you what else Croatia has to offer.

One of first things to do in Split is to explore nearby NATIONAL PARKS!

Visit stunning Krka National Park

Croatians lands offer eight national parks, and one of them is Krka National Park, located only one-hour drive from Split, so organising a Krka tour from Split is one of the easiest things to do!

Did you know that park is open all year long, from January to December, and it is open on all holidays?

While each park is spectacular with its own beauty and diversity, Krka National Park is one of the rarest ones where you can enjoy swimming during summer season in front of the waterfall itself!

Along with Krka National Park, you can also enjoy Plitvice Lakes (https://www.plitvicelakesfromsplit.com/), National Park Mljet and others, because there is something for everyone’s different tastes.


The most famous beach is “Zlatni Rat” beach

Well, you already have seen dozens of photos and videos of Croatia’s stunning coastline and you can imagine why 12 million people visit us yearly.

Did you know that most of beaches in Croatia are pebble beaches?

Don’t be afraid of the pebble! We have a few sandy white beaches, but they are a bit harder to find. Croatia is famous for its well-kept beaches, and it makes them only more beautiful! Beach we are talking about above is located on the island of Brač (https://goo.gl/maps/ZWEBZ8KnTFp) which is only 50 minutes ferry drive away from Split, so this is another thing to do in Split! This beach is a reflection of mother of nature, because its shape continuously changes every day, according to the wind and currents, and that is making it one of the most beautiful beaches in the world!


If you are seeking for an adventure, then visiting Cetina river needs to be on your list!

As Omiš is only one hour away from Split, it is also one of the things to do in Split! Do you know that rafting in Croatia provides an excellent opportunity to explore Cetina River and its magnificent canyon, swim and jump off the rock to the water?

Even the quiet parts of the river and the second and third grade rapids give you a three hour combination of adventure and relaxation in the amazing Cetina river canyon.

After you finish your rafting tour, you can make a lunch break in town of Omiš, and then it is time for Zip Line! Zip Lining ticks all of the boxes for a heart-stopping, adrenaline pumped activity! Once strapped in, you’ll be flying over one of the largest & deepest canyons in Croatia. The object of the challenge is to cross all 8 wires, 150m above the ground. Are you ready?

In this article, we have brought to your attention just a few things to do in Split! There will be more soon!