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After the two – month break, Krka National Park is open…

Krka National Park is finally open for visitors. Why not take advantage of the most beautiful possible outing in nature, especially now when it is not crowded, and enjoy the natural beauties of Krka waterfalls indefinitely?

Visiting this park is more than enjoying the untouched nature. On the contrary, National Park Krka reveals to us not only the rich history of this region but also the history of this country. Thanks to this part of Croatia, we have evidence of the life of the people who lived in this area throughout history, the armies that fought here and the rich culture that marked our history. For all lovers of active stays in nature, this is an ideal space for exploring the natural beauty and cultural heritage. Visitors can walk and cycle and enjoy the natural values ​​and cultural and historical riches of the Krka waterfalls. You have so much to see, starting from unique animal and plant species (for example the otter, the human fish, many subterranean animals, fish species that are endemic to this part of Europe) to all waterfalls that exist in Krka national park. With its seven waterfalls, Krka national park is natural and karst phenomenon.

Tickets will be purchased for now at a promotional price. Only 50 Croatian kuna for adults and 25 Croatian kuna for children and youth.

Of course, restaurants are also open in accordance with public health recommendations.

Due to the fact this promotional ticket price will last until the middle of June, you will definitely have time to enjoy the natural and cultural beauty of Krka National Park.

Since the park was closed for some time due to COVID -19, the area of the Krka waterfalls and its facilities were additionally arranged and prepared for the new situation.

So now visitors will be able to joy all the presentation centres and facilities, souvenir shops and restaurants. Respecting all epidemiological measures in force, of course. However, the current situation allows a certain number of people to enter the enclosed spaces.

People will be also able to come by bus to Skradinski Buk, the most beautiful and most unusual natural wonder on the Krka waterfalls area.

Adventurers will be delighted by the news because there is an 875-meter-long educational hiking trail that also leads to Skradinski Buk. And if that doesn’t suit them, cycling will be a great choice anyway.