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Wildlife of Krka – The Krka otter

The Krka National Park is one of the most visited and most famous national parks in Croatia which offers you an unforgettable experience especially if you love nature. The Krka waterfalls can be reached with a Krka tour from Split that goes every day in the morning hours, and the tour itself provides four free hours of exploring the Krka National Park, where visitors can enjoy views of the waterfalls and the flora and fauna of this beautiful park.

Fauna of National Park Krka

The fauna of the Krka National Park is extremely diverse and consists of various rare, endemic and endangered species. The fauna of the Krka waterfall is made up of various mammals, invertebrates and vertebrates, and one of the most interesting animals that live in the park is the European otter.

The European otter – the fastest swimmer in the Krka Waterfalls

The European otter (Lutra lutra, from the Mustelidae family) is the best freshwater swimmer of all terrestrial animals but also the largest land animal living in the water. It is one of the Croatian protected species and one of the most interesting animals in the Krka National Park. The European otter is a carnivore that can weight up to 11 pounds and its body is elongated and slender, with short legs. By its nature, it is extremely playful and mobile and extremely capable of living in the water where it can withstand much of the time. The otter hunts mostly freshwater fish and frogs in freshwater and is helped by a sharp and powerful jaw. This animal is very active at night, and in the daytime, it is most often required to find good protection near trees and shrubs along canals and rivers where it can hide. The European otter is today endangered in the wider area of Europe due to the pollution and destruction of its habitat and has been protected in Croatia since 1972. It can be seen in the area of the Krka National Park, however, for most of the day it hides in the trees or in its excavated habitats, so if you see an otter during your visit to the waterfalls, consider it lucky and do not accidentally disturb it.

The Krka tour from Split that we offer allows you an unforgettable trip not only to the natural beauties of the Krka National Park but also to its diverse wildlife that will enchant every visitor.


Image by Oldiefan from Pixabay

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