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When will we be able to travel to Krka waterfalls?

Corona And Krka Waterfalls

With the beginning of 2020, we were hoping for new positive changes, new opportunities and new journeys. However, this year has started unexpectedly, it brought us the new global pandemic called coronavirus (COVID-19).
This tourist season we wanted to provide you with a great number of trips around Croatia, and one of them includes a trip to the famous Krka National Park. However, all this will have to wait until the situation in the world has calmed down, and until we will be able to travel again peacefully. In this article we will show you what COVID-19 is, why we should be carefull, what are the symptoms of this virus, how can we prevent from getting the virus, how it affects world tourism and when will be able to travel again.

What is COVID-19?

Coronaviruses are a family of viruses that can be found in animals and humans, and as pathogens in humans have been active since 1960, and since 2003, new coronaviruses have emerged that have moved from animals to humans. Some of the coronaviruses are SARS and MERS, and the coronavirus that caused the global pandemic in 2020 is called COVID-19. COVID-19 is the name for the disease caused by SARS-CoV-2 (SARS-coronavirus-2), which appeared in China in December 2019 and has since spread worldwide. The virus first appeared in the Chinese city of Wuhan, in one of the wildlife markets where the virus is thought to have transmitted from an unknown animal to a human.

Why should we be carefull?

The coronavirus originated from animals and was transmitted from animal to human, and is now transmitted and spread from person to person. According to epidemiologists, the virus spreads easily through contact, that is, by droplets during sneezing and coughing. The virus also lingers on certain surfaces and objects for some time, which also poses a risk of getting the virus. The time of incubation of the virus, that is, the period between exposure to the virus and the onset of the first symptoms, is between two and 12 days, which means that a person who has no symptoms at all and who is unaware of the virus can easily pass it on to another person. Some people with the coronavirus can successfully recover at home, while others require hospitalization. Caution should be exercised because this virus is deadly and does not currently have a vaccine, and the most at-risk patients are the elderly and those with other illnesses such as diabetes, heart disease, hypertension and more.

What are the symptoms of the virus?

Coronavirus can cause milder symptoms, or viral pneumonia leading to more severe symptoms but also death. Coronavirus can cause a number of diseases, from the common cold to severe acute respiratory syndrome (SARS). Milder symptoms include heavy breathing, dry cough, fever, shortness of breath, and in severe cases, pneumonia, kidney failure, and death can occur. To date, about 25,000 people have died from coronaviruses, and about half a million people are infected worldwide.

How can we prevent getting the virus?

There are a number of preventative measures to take if you do not want to get infected with a coronavirus, or if you are infected and do not want to transmit the virus to another person. The most important item for preventing infection is personal hygiene, which involves frequent washing of hands with soap and water for at least 20 seconds, especially if you have been in a public place or if you have touched some surfaces. It is also important not to touch the hands with your face, and a good disinfectant can also be a hand cleaner containing at least 60% alcohol. Social distancing is a must, avoiding public places with more people, and avoiding close contacts. If you are in a shop or other public place, a minimum distance of 2 meters is required. If you feel sick, or if you have any symptoms, you need to self-isolate and call your doctor or epidemiologist for further instructions. When you cough, you should put a handkerchief on your face and throw it straight in the trash and wash your hands. Also, if you are sick and do not want to infect others, you must wear a face mask. It is also necessary for other household members to thoroughly wash and disinfect the home surfaces.

How does this virus affect world tourism?

Coronavirus has affected world tourism because special measures are being introduced to prevent the spread of the virus. A second-and third-level alert have been issued by the American Center for Disease Control and Prevention, which includes a recommendation to delay all travel. The trip itself also complicates the mandatory quarantine imposed by a large number of countries around the world, with closed borders. In some countries, people are even prevented from leaving their place of residence and everything is closed except primary supply stores. The countries most affected by this pandemic recommend everyone to stay in their homes, which has ravaged the world’s most famous tourist destinations. Many events but also flights were delayed until the pandemic subsides.

When will we be able to travel again peacefully?

While the coronavirus is spreading globally, it is difficult to answer this question even by experts and epidemiologists. Countries that are affected by a virus that has an upward trajectory are tightening their measures, making it difficult to enter the country as a tourist at all. No one would be comfortable traveling to another country, experiencing quarantine, and eventually getting sick. Right now, the best advice is to stay home, and we hope that the virus will stop spreading with higher temperatures in a few months.

Coronavirus is also present in the Republic of Croatia, and more stringent measures are currently in place across the country to prohibit even moving outside the place of residence. We hope that this pandemic will end quickly and that this summer we will be able to provide you with our Krka tour from Split, where you will visit Skradinski Buk, as well as the rest of this wonderful natural attraction. The Split to Krka National Park tour will be available as soon as coronavirus-related measures are eased.
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