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An ideal opportunity for everyone who wants to visit Montenegro, Kotor – a lovely small town full of life!  Private tour for up to 7 people, transfer by Mercedes and at the end the icing – oysters and champagne in Ston! Read more and book Montenegro tour with Mercedes and Oyster & Champagne in Ston.

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Montenegro tour with Mercedes and Oyster & Champagne in Ston

After seeing Split and its surroundings, the most beautiful islands in the world, it’s time for a one-day trip outside the borders of Croatia.
We are lucky that Montenegro is so close and that you can see Kotor with us. After that, we go to Pelješac peninsula, to Mali Ston. Lunch with oysters and a glass of champagne awaits you there.

Can it be better?

Every day at 7 am!

OrganizerKrka Waterfalls Tour from Split
GuestsChildren and Adults
GearLight clothes, swimmsuit
Kotor and Ston - pearls of the south

Montenegro day tour with Mercedes and Oyster & Champagne lunch in Ston

A small town with a soul offers so much that you don’t even need warm weather to visit it.
It is incredible how wide the range of offers is offered by a town with only 1000 inhabitants. After we get down there, you have an appointment to see the city with a professional guide.

Wander through the fortress and its stone streets, take photos of intriguing palaces and medieval churches, get to know the life of sailors, take a peek into the marine world of the Adriatic, discover its four-legged friends, breathe in the everyday life of warm-hearted people and absorb the flavors of Montenegrin cuisine.

The walled city of Kotor, dating back to the Middle Ages, is a very well preserved UNESCO World Heritage Site. You will find many shops, restaurants and cafes as you stroll through its pedestrian streets.

Lunch in Ston on Peljesac peninsula with famous Oyster & Champagne tasting – restaurant Captain’s House / Kapetanova kuca.

There is no restaurant on the Adriatic with such an offer of fresh oysters as the Captain’s House in Mali Ston. One of the few gastronomic institutions in the south of Croatia, with a 45-year tradition, is located in a stone house on the waterfront, where the captain of the Maloston guard lived during the time of the Republic of Dubrovnik.

Widely known oysters (which have been cultivated in the Maloston Bay since the 17th century) are served fresh (with a little lemon), in tempura, breaded or grilled with a slight smoke flavor in this restaurant. They are ordered by the piece, so you can combine several preparation methods on the plate.

Itinerary of your perfect day

7.00 Start from Meeting point in Split

After arriving in Kotor ( cca 4 h with luxury Mercedes V class for 7 person or Mercedes GLS for 6 person) your guided tour of the city will start. Then you will have some free time for exploring town on your own or just take a swim. 

We will continue back to Mali Ston, on Pelješac Peninsula where you will have lunch included in price – oysters and champagne for the beginning. 

A microcosm in itself – the Pelješac peninsula – is still a kind of ‘terra incognita’ today, as it was in the long centuries of the Republic of Dubrovnik, when it was divided into urban Gospar Ston and rural areas in the heavy shackles of serfdom; it seems that Pelješac will emerge from the shadow of distant periods only with the construction of the bridge, when it becomes an integral part of the Dalmatian Riviera.


200 € / person

In 1358. Dubrovnik acquired Pelješac and erected a monumental defensive system, the largest fortification and urban achievements in Europe at the time.Dubrovnik invested huge sums of money and employed the following buiders: Mihač and district Bunić among the first local designers: the Italians Onofrio from Naplesi and Bernandin from Parma, the French Olivier and the Florentinei Michelozzo, and stone masters Juraj Dalmatinac and Paskoje Miličević from Dalmatia.It was completed at the end of 15th century.During the first thirty years, the defensive walls, the longest in Europe, were built from one side of the peninsula to the other.Then two small fortified towns were erected according to plan, Ston on the north and Mali Ston on the south, for the purpose of housing people for guarding the borders and working in the saltpans.



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