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Imotski with Quad, River Kayaking & Lunch – Let’s go to the hinterland! Karst, rocks, harsh land, sun, mountains, wines, and lakes! Check the offer!

The best tour to Dalmatian hinterland

Imotski with Quad, River Kayaking & Lunch

Dear people, we have an extremely interesting brand new tour for you! Imotski  with lunch,quad and kayaking, swimming is a brand new tour for the season 2022!

For all adventures and those who will become ones. We believe you visited Split, the islands, hidden bays, and all these touristic bites Dalmatia offers. In our opinion, it is time to go further. To push your limits To visit Imotski town and the remarkable two lakes by its side. 

A guided tour of the city  is an introduction to the hedonistic afternoon!

Some of our guests said, „The  sinkholes at Imotski were probably among the most impressive, geological natural sites in the world they have ever seen!“

So, after seeing National Parks and the islands and towns near Split, it is time to meet the heart of Dalmatia.



OrganizerKrka Waterfalls Tour from Split
GuestsChildren and Adults
GearLight clothes, swimmsuit
Not only tourism, but adventure

Imotski with its guards - Red and Blue Lake

Imotski has all the characteristics of a coastal town, thanks mostly to the climate and urban architecture of the old town. Stone houses, steep narrow streets with stone steps are witnesses to the former appearance of this place whose old core is protected. Several buildings with beautiful facades and iron fences from the Art Nouveau era, speak of stylistic currents that have not passed this environment.

Red Lake is a karst pit filled with water near Imotski. In 1998, the Croatian Speleological Association organized an international speleological expedition, during which the height difference of 528 meters and the depth of 287 meters were precisely measured. According to some data, it would be the deepest lake in Europe!

 A mystic Blue lake, on the other hand, is a very unique geological wonder to explore. The path down to the lake is rocky but surprisingly easy. Be on the lookout for a small cave near the beginning of the trail. Often when the weather is warm, visitors will brave a dip in the chilly, clean water.

During the summer months, a large number of cultural and entertainment events are held in the Imotski region. Try to meet them!

Imotski with Lunch, Quad tour and River Kayaking is the most popular tour if you ask for hinterland.




Hour by hour

Imotski with Lunch, Kayaking, Quad!

8:00 departure from Split

9:00 arrival of guests in Imotski

9:15 – 12:00 Quad sightseeing of the City of Imotski and Imotski lakes
 A tour of the Imotski, Blue and Red Lake (candidates for the UNESCO list of parks)

12:30 -13: 30 swimming in Blue Lake

14:00 – 16:00 River kayaking on Vrljika river

16:30-17:30 Traditional lunch in authentic tavern: soup,meat ‘peka’ with potatoes,cake,domestic liquer ‘rakija’,wine

19:00 Arrival in Split





180 € / person

At the top of the sinkhole are the ruins of the castle Topana, which was already mentioned in the 10th century in Byzantine writing. It is the real origin of the town Imotski which propagates at the foot of the castle and on the verge of collapse funnel. The city center is just a short walk from the lake. On a paved road, which was laid out on a visit of Emperor Franz Joseph, you can easily walk down to the lake.

About one kilometer north-west of the Blue Lake, the Red Sea is located, which is considered one of the largest water-filled sinkholes in the world.!


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What to bring

√  comfortable shoes and casual clothes

√  If you are traveling in the summertime bring a towel and sunscreen 

√  Bring a bottle of water and snacks to make your trip as comfortable as possible

Meeting point

The meeting point is Tourist Office:

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