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Krka National Park – hiking trails PART 3

Krka National Park has one of the most geomorphologically interesting rivers flowing through the Dalmatian karst. Krka is an ideal place for walking, swimming, or cycling, and in this article, we will present you with some of the best hiking trails!

10th trail – Stinice to Roški waterfall to Oziđana cave

The beginning and the end of this trail are Stinice, which leads to the most beautiful waterfall in the Krka National Park, which is the Roški Waterfall. This trail is an educational hiking trail that also contains a visitor center for the Visovac House ” Kuželj ”. The last part of the trail includes the home of a prehistoric man – the Oziđana Cave. This trail is 8,500 meters long and can be accessed from four entrances, namely Stinice, Brištane Gornje, Roški slap, and Ozidana Cave. The trail is mostly made of dirt roads and macadam and wooden bridges and stairs.

11th trail – Roški waterfall

The Roški Waterfall Trail is considered one of the most beautiful trails in the Krka National Park, and it runs over the Ogrlice bridge, the most significant and beautiful decoration of this locality. On this trail, you will also come across a preserved monument of rural construction that is considered an ethnological and ethnographic monument. The Roški Waterfall Trail also contains a dock for excursion boats traveling from Brzice to Carigradske drage. This track is 1360 meters long and includes macadam and wooden bridges.

12th trail – Niz ploču

The start of the trail starts near the village of Bogatić on the upper part of the sloping cliff called Ploča. The trail starts high above Roška Waterfall, and includes many cliffs that allow for beautiful panoramic views of the park. This trail is 1500 meters long and can be reached from the direction of Drnis or Roski Waterfall to the direction of Bogatić Miljevacki. A large part of the trail is a gravel road, and the trail includes descending from a vantage point down a rocky cliff to the Necklace above Roski Waterfall. It is recommended that you wear adequate footwear for this trail, even though all the cliffs are fenced.

13th trail – Laškovica to Žižići to Roški slap

This trail includes one of the most beautiful views of the Roški Waterfall and its hydroelectric power plant. You can also find water-powered mills on the trail, which are an old traditional way of farming. The trail is 3,300 meters long and can be reached from Laškovića or from Roška Waterfall.

14th trail – Krka Monastery

The Krka Monastery is a center for Orthodox believers, which also contains a dock for excursion boats that take visitors from the Roška Waterfall to the Krka Monastery and to the medieval fortresses Necven and Trosenj. A Byzantine-style church was built next to the monastery, and beneath the church are Roman catacombs that are open to visitors today. The Krka Monastery trail is 2100 meters long and can be reached from Kistanje by following the signs for the Krka Monastery. The trail is macadam with a few stairs.

15th trail – Pištavac

The Pistavac Trail includes views of the Krka Monastery and the fortresses of Nečven and Trošenj. The trail is extremely steep and it leads down to the river Krka and returns along the same path, and along the trail you will find many viewpoints. The trail is 850 meters long.

16th trail – Trošenj to Pištavac

This path from the direction of Kistanje leads to the medieval fortress Trošenj, located opposite the fortress Nečven. This trail is over five kilometers long and can be accessed in shorter sections. The trail is macadam and is mostly flat except for some mild climbs leading to the lookout along the Trošenj fort.


Krka waterfalls is one of the most beautiful tourist attractions in Dalmatia, but also one of the most beautiful and interesting national parks in Croatia. If you are in Croatia, do not miss out on this natural beauty.
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